What is black dinsuke watermelon?

black dinsuke watermelon

You might think that since it’s a food that’s expensive that it’s much larger than a standard watermelon that’s grown in the United States and Europe. However, you would be incorrect, because it is actually smaller as they usually only get to be about 8 pounds.

black dinsuke watermelon

A unique watermelon

Despite the smaller size, they are much more expensive than the standard watermelons of the world. How can it be? The difference here is in numbers. If you think about standard watermelons they are grown by the thousands, if not tens of thousands, so that they can meet the demand all over the world.

However, in Japan the black densuke watermelon doesn’t have that number rather they only grow 100 per year and as such getting one can be a costly endeavour. The densuke watermelon is considered to be the most expensive watermelon in the world and can cost a minimum of $250 all the way up to $6,000 each.

Surely the rarity can’t be the only reason it costs so much you say. Well, you’d be right, they are only grown in the northern parts of Japan and just as important they feature a taste that makes it vastly superior add to that that they are not the easiest thing to grow, they need a lot of care and cultivation, in order to make them taste as good as they can be. When you add all that up you get one expensive watermelon

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