Best TV: Buying Guide (January 2024)

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If once the purchase of a television was a long-lasting investment, now technological evolution is such that within a few years even a high-end model can become obsolete. In short, you need to keep yourself constantly informed to choose the best TV for your needs and your budget, but don’t worry because on this page you will find all the tips necessary to avoid making mistakes during the purchase and to choose a model that meets your needs. expectations and with the best quality-price ratio.

Here at the bottom of the page you will find a list of televisions (which I will update occasionally) with TVs of various sizes and price ranges that will help you make the right choice. To find out which is the best TV for your needs, all you have to do is analyze the technical characteristics of each TV, discover which features distinguish it from others and identify the product with the best price based on your budget. Before I spoke to you about continuous and unstoppable technological evolution: have you ever heard of 3D?

A few years ago, manufacturers focused heavily on this category in order to fuel their sales. According to their press releases, it seemed essential to purchase a television with three-dimensional support in order to fully enjoy compatible films, but 3D never caught on because it didn’t actually offer such an innovative experience. It is precisely to avoid getting scammed of this type that you need to stay informed: the current trends are Smart TV, Ultra HD 4K, HDR, OLED and Quantum Dot, all much more interesting than 3D: but what do these names represent? Let’s find out together below.


Best quality-price TVs

Hisense 32A4FG 32″See on AmazonHisense 40A4FG 40″See on AmazonLG 24TQ510S-PZ 24″See on AmazonLG 32LQ63006LA 32″See on AmazonSamsung TV UE24N4300ADXZT 24″See on AmazonSamsung TV UE32T5372CDXZT 32″See on AmazonHisense 32E43KT 32″See on AmazonSamsung Crystal UHD UE50CU7190UXZT 50″See on AmazonTCL 55P639 55″See on AmazonHisense 50E78HQ 50″See on Amazon

Hisense 32A4FG 32″

The Hisense 32″ LED HD Ready 32A4FG is a Smart TV that offers an excellent viewing experience thanks to its 720p resolution and LED screen technology. With dimensions of 16P x 71.7lx 46.9H cm, this television fits perfectly into any domestic environment.

One of the main features of this TV is the Smart VIDAA 4.2 operating system , which allows you to easily access Internet services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, RaiPlay and YouTube. Additionally, the TV is equipped with Alexa voice controls, allowing you to manage the TV’s functions simply using your voice.

The audio of the Hisense 32A4FG is enhanced by a 12W Audio 2.0 system with DTS Virtual-X technology, ensuring clear and immersive sound while watching your favorite programs. The 60Hz refresh rate also ensures smooth, flicker-free images.

The TV is equipped with a DVB-T2/S2 HEVC 10 tuner , compatible with the switch offs expected in 2021/2022 and lativiu certified. This means that you will be able to continue to receive television channels even after the introduction of new transmission technologies.

The remote control included in the package offers direct access to 7 contents including Prime Video, Netflix and RaiPlay, making navigation between the various platforms even easier and faster. USB connectivity also allows you to connect external devices to the TV to view photos, videos or listen to music.

The Hisense 40″ LED Full HD 40A4FG is a high quality Smart TV that offers an exceptional visual experience thanks to its Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The LED screen technology guarantees sharp and detailed images, while the refresh rate of 60 Hz ensures smooth, flicker-free viewing.

One of the main features of this television is the Smart VIDAA 4.2 operating system , which allows you to easily access numerous Internet services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, RaiPlay and YouTube. Furthermore, thanks to the integrated Alexa voice controls, you can manage the TV functions simply by speaking to your device.

The audio of the Hisense 40A4FG is guaranteed by a 14W 2.0 system with DTS Virtual-X technology, which offers clear and powerful sound to better enjoy your favorite films and programs. The remote control included in the package allows direct access to 7 contents including Prime Video, Netflix and RaiPlay, making navigation between the various platforms even easier and faster.

As regards the reception of television channels, the Hisense 40″ LED Full HD 40A4FG is equipped with a DVB-T2/S2 HEVC 10 tuner , compatible with the switch offs expected in 2021/2022 and lativiu certified. This guarantees optimal reception of digital terrestrial and satellite channels, even in high definition.

The TV’s connectivity is ensured by the presence of USB ports, which allow you to connect external devices such as sticks or hard disks for playing multimedia content. The TV is powered via the electric cable included in the package.Hisense 40″ LED Full HD 40A4FG, Smart TV VIDAA 4.2, Audio 2.0 14W, With…See offer on Amazon

LG 24TQ510S-PZ 24″

The LG HD 24TQ510S-PZ is a small Smart TV, with a 23.6 inch screen , ideal for those looking for a compact device without giving up the advanced features offered by modern technologies. This model, made by the well-known LG brand , stands out for its elegance and modern design, with black and gray finishes that make it suitable for any environment.

Image quality is guaranteed by the screen’s LED technology , which offers vibrant colors and optimal contrasts. The screen resolution is 4K , allowing you to enjoy sharp and detailed images even on a small display. Furthermore, the 240 Hz refresh rate ensures smooth, flicker-free viewing, ideal for fans of action films and video games.

One of the main features of this television is its Smart TV connectivity, which allows access to several Internet services such as Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and YouTube . Thanks to the presence of Wi-Fi connectors, you can easily connect your device to your home network and enjoy your favorite streaming content.

The LG HD 24TQ510S-PZ is equipped with several ports and connections for connecting external devices, such as game consoles, Blu-ray players and set-top boxes. Among the components included in the package, you will also find a practical holster to store the remote control safely and tidily.LG HD 24TQ510S-PZ TELEVISOR 59.9 CM (23.6″) SMART TV BLACK, GRISSee offer on Amazon

LG 32LQ63006LA 32″

The LG 32LQ63006LA Smart TV 32″ Full HD is a latest generation LED television that offers a wide range of features and services to satisfy everyone’s entertainment needs. Thanks to its Full HD resolution , you will be able to enjoy sharp and detailed images, with a 50% higher definition than a 32″ HD Ready TV.

The heart of this television is the α5 Gen 5 processor , which guarantees accurate image and sound processing, improving the quality of the content displayed on the screen. Furthermore, the webOS 22 Smart TV makes using the TV even simpler and more intuitive, suggesting what to watch based on your history and allowing you to easily access numerous streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, DAZN and many others.

For video game enthusiasts, the LG 32LQ63006LA offers the possibility of playing the best titles without the need for a console or PC, thanks to compatibility with Google Stadia and NVIDIA GeForce NOW . Simply connect a compatible controller and you’re ready to dive into the action.

Another interesting feature of this TV is the Sports Alert App , which allows you to set your favorite teams and receive real-time notifications on match results, even while you are watching other programs.

The LG 32LQ63006LA is also ready for the switch off , as it integrates the DVB-T2 HEVC Main 10 standard, compatible with the next change in Digital Terrestrial standard. Furthermore, thanks to the presence of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, you can easily connect the TV to all your devices and enjoy your multimedia experience to the fullest.LG 32LQ63006LA Smart TV 32″ Full HD, 2022 LED TV with α5 Gen Processor…See offer on Amazon

Samsung TV UE24N4300ADXZT 24″

The Samsung TV UE24N4300ADXZT is a 24-inch Smart TV that offers exceptional image quality thanks to its HD resolution and HDR technology. The latter, acronym for High Dynamic Range, allows you to obtain ultra-defined details and particularly vivid color shades, making every scene incredibly realistic.

The distinctive feature of this model is Purcolor technology , which guarantees intense, natural and realistic colors for an unprecedented visual experience. Each image appears rich in detail and with an extremely wide color range, capable of faithfully reproducing reality.

But the Samsung TV UE24N4300ADXZT doesn’t just shine with its technical performance: it’s also a real entertainment center. Being a Smart TV , it allows you to access a wide range of Internet services such as Netflix and NOW TV, transforming your living room into a cinema room or a virtual stadium for sports fans.

Another noteworthy aspect is its design. The Slim Design makes this television elegant and slim, capable of integrating perfectly into any home environment. Despite its small size, it offers image quality and features typical of larger models.

Furthermore, Samsung TVs are already set up to receive Digital Terrestrial 2.0 , thus ensuring long-term compatibility with future broadcast standards.

Finally, the Samsung TV UE24N4300ADXZT is equipped with a remote control that allows you to control all the functions of the television in a simple and intuitive way. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, navigating through the various menus and settings is extremely easy even for those who are not particularly tech-savvy.Samsung TV UE24N4300ADXZT HD, Smart TV 24″ HDR, Purcolor, WiFi, Slim D…See offer on Amazon

Samsung TV UE32T5372CDXZT 32″

The Samsung TV UE32T5372CDXZT is a 32-inch Full HD television that offers superior image quality thanks to its 1080p resolution and 50 Hz refresh rate. This model stands out for its LED screen technology, which guarantees images clear and vivid.

One of the most notable aspects of this TV is its ability to display rich, lifelike colors thanks to Purcolor technology . This feature allows you to achieve an unprecedented visual experience, making every scene incredibly vivid and detailed.

Furthermore, the Samsung TV UE32T5372CDXZT is equipped with HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology , which allows you to see ultra-defined details and nuances that cannot be missed. Thanks to this feature, images appear more realistic, with deeper contrasts and a wider color range.

Another strong point of this model is its connectivity. The Samsung TV UE32T5372CDXZT supports various connection technologies, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet and HDMI. This means you can easily connect your TV to various devices, such as game consoles, Blu-ray players and home theater systems.

This TV is also a Smart TV , which means it can access the internet and use various apps. You can then stream your favorite shows, browse the web and use your favorite apps directly from your TV.

Finally, the Samsung TV UE32T5372CDXZT stands out for its Slim Design . This model is elegant and slim, making it perfect for any setting. Its minimalist and modern design integrates perfectly with your home decor, adding a touch of style to your living room.Samsung TV UE32T5372CDXZT Full HD, Smart TV 32″ HDR, Purcolor, WiFi, S…See offer on Amazon

Hisense 32E43KT 32″

The Hisense 32″ HD 2023 32E43KT is a high quality Smart TV that offers an immersive visual experience thanks to its HD resolution and its LCD panel. The slim design, with thin bezels, allows you to enjoy a larger screen, making every viewing a compelling experience.

One of the most interesting aspects of this TV is the VIDAA U6 operating system . This advanced software offers a number of innovative features, including Alexa voice controls. This feature allows you to navigate through TV content and settings simply by speaking, making interaction with the TV more intuitive and enjoyable. Furthermore, the VIDAA U6 integrates Wi-Fi and provides a remote control with direct access to 9 platforms, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and RaiPlay. This means you’ll have a world of content to explore right from your couch.

Another strong point of the Hisense 32″ HD 2023 32E43KT is its digital terrestrial T2 and satellite S2 HEVC 10 tuner. This high-quality component guarantees excellent signal reception, allowing you to enjoy your favorite programs with maximum clarity. TV is also lativù certified, thus guaranteeing access to all free-to-air digital terrestrial and satellite channels.

For gamers, this TV offers Game Mode functionality . This mode optimizes the TV’s performance for gaming, minimizing input lag and ensuring a smooth, responsive gaming experience. Furthermore, thanks to the presence of HDMI 2.0 ports, it is possible to connect latest generation consoles and enjoy games in 4K at 48-60Hz.

Finally, DTSHisense 32″ HD 2023 32E43KT, VIDAA U6 Smart TV, Game Mode, Video Controls…See offer on Amazon

Samsung Crystal UHD UE50CU7190UXZT 50″

The Samsung Crystal UHD UE50CU7190UXZT is a 50-inch Smart TV that offers a high-quality visual and sound experience. This model, part of the CU7000 series, features 4K resolution supported by LED screen technology.

One of the main features of this TV is its ability to offer optimized colors thanks to PurColour technology . This feature allows you to view vivid, lifelike images, making your favorite movies or shows even more immersive.

The heart of the device is the powerful Crystal 4K processor , equipped with an Upscaling system. This means that all your favorite content, regardless of its original resolution, will be reproduced in 4K quality, ensuring crisp details and a clear, brilliant image.

The Samsung Crystal UHD UE50CU7190UXZT is not only a high-quality product from a visual point of view, but also from a sound point of view. 3D surround sound combined with virtual upper channel audio will give you a fully immersive sound experience. Furthermore, the Adaptive Sound function optimizes the audio based on real-time scene analysis according to the type of content, to give you vivid but balanced sounds.

In terms of connectivity, this Smart TV offers several options including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet and HDMI. This allows you to easily connect various devices to the TV, making it a true multimedia center for your home.

Finally, the Smart Hub is a feature that optimizes your experience based on your TV usage. With three categories – Media, Game and Ambient – you can customize your settings to suit your specific needs.SAMSUNG Crystal UHD UE50CU7190UXZT, Smart TV 50″ CU7000 Series, Crystal…See offer on Amazon

TCL 55P639 55″

The TCL 55P639 is a high-quality television that offers extraordinary viewing thanks to its 4K Ultra HD resolution . This model, with a 55-inch screen, allows you to enjoy sharp and detailed images, with accurate rendering of both light and dark shades. HDR technology ensures vivid and realistic color reproduction, while TCL’s exclusive Dynamic Color Enhancement system automatically optimizes color brilliance, to always offer you the best possible viewing experience.

But it’s not just the image that is high quality: the audio also has its excellence. The TCL 55P639 features Dolby Audio technology , which ensures clear, rich and powerful sounds, completely immersing you in what you are watching. Whether you’re watching an action movie or listening to your favorite music, you’ll be surrounded by superior sound.

One of the most interesting features of this TV is the presence of Google TV . This platform gives you simple, unlimited access to all your favorite content, exactly how you want it. You can navigate between apps, search for movies, TV shows or music videos, all with ease. And if you prefer to use your voice instead of your hands, no problem: the TCL 55P639 is compatible with the Google Assistant and Alexa . You can turn on the TV, open apps or choose what to watch simply by speaking.

The design of this model is equally impressive. The TCL 55P639 has a sleek and modern look, with a bezel-less design that makes it perfect for any environment. Its dimensions are 25.7D x 122.6W x 71.1H cm, so it can easily fit into any space, large or small.TCL 55P639, 55” TV, 4K HDR, Ultra HD, Google TV with borderless design…See offer on Amazon

Hisense 50E78HQ 50″

The Hisense 50″ QLED UHD 50E78HQ is a latest generation Smart TV that offers an exceptional visual experience thanks to its 4K resolution and QLED screen technology . This TV stands out for its slim design, with frames reduced to a minimum to allow a more immersive view of the images.

One of the strong points of this product is the Smart VIDAA 5.0 operating system , which allows you to easily access numerous Internet services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, RaiPlay and YouTube. Furthermore, thanks to voice controls integrated with Alexa and Google Assistant, you can manage your TV simply using your voice.

The Hisense 50E78HQ is equipped with a T2 digital terrestrial and S2 HEVC 10 satellite tuner, compatible with the switch offs expected in 2021/2022 and 4K lativù certified. Its HDMI 2.1 4K ports offer advanced gaming features such as ALLM, VRR 4K 48-60Hz and eARC audio, thus ensuring an optimal gaming experience.

The audio of this television is entrusted to a 14W system with DTS Virtual:X technology , which ensures enveloping, high-quality sound. Additionally, Bluetooth support allows you to easily connect external devices such as headphones or speakers without the use of cables.

Among the components included in the package, in addition to the TV and power cable, you will find a practical remote control with direct access to 9 contents including Prime Video, Netflix and RaiPlay. The product is available in Italian and the dimensions of the product are 25.4 x 5.08 x 6.86 cm, with a weight of 11.4 kg.Hisense 50″ QLED UHD 50E78HQ, Smart TV VIDAA 5.0, HDR Dolby Vision, VA…See offer on Amazon

Best TV: Smart or not?

What is the difference between a Smart TV and a traditional TV? The former are distinguished from traditional TVs by their Internet connectivity and support for applications, such as those for YouTube, social networks and the viewing of streaming content. A Smart TV usually has an advanced operating system, just like that of your smartphone or your computer and when choosing a model you must always consider which operating system is installed since the compatibility list of the product depends on this, both with applications third-party devices and external devices.

Best TV

The operating system plays a fundamental role in the number of applications available and in the ease of use of the television. The most popular operating systems are: Tizen OS by Samsung (present on the most recent models of the Asian manufacturer), WebOS by LG and Android TV, which sees Sony and Philips as some of its most important promoters and brings all the apps available on smartphones and tablets.

On the hardware side, particular attention must be paid to the power of the processor, on which the speed with which the TV runs the various apps depends. You must also pay attention to Wi-Fi support: not all Smart TVs are able to connect to the home network wirelessly, some only support cable connection (Ethernet) and require a dongle that can be purchased separately for the Wi-Fi connection. Fi. Finally, you must consider that there are very cheap devices, such as Google Chromecast and Android TV Boxes which, if necessary, allow you to transform traditional TVs into Smart TVs .

Best TV: Technologies

The latest generation televisions are not all the same, and even in the highest range of products there can be substantial differences between the models produced by the various companies: for example, Sony and LG are focusing above all on OLED, which offers very deep blacks and great color range, while Samsung prefers to focus on the latest Quantum Dot technology which guarantees better color fidelity but with a lower contrast ratio than OLEDs.

Best TV

Below I offer you a series of tips so that you can better orient yourself in choosing the various types of television panels.

LCD, LED, OLED, plasma

Choosing between plasma, LCD, LED and OLED TVs is easier than you might imagine. Plasma technology is now outdated, televisions of this type consume too much energy and heat excessively. I advise you to avoid them (also because there are very few on the market nowadays). LCDs and LEDs are basically the same thing: LED TVs are LCDs that use LEDs instead of fluorescent lamps for backlighting (which drastically reduces their energy consumption and makes them thinner). Finally there are OLEDs, which are even more efficient than LEDs in terms of consumption, they ensure very deep blacks because the pixels can be individually turned off if necessary, but they are currently still quite expensive. Moral of the story? If you want the best value for money, opt for an LED TV.

Quantum Dot

Some of the major television manufacturing companies are marketing LED televisions called Quantum Dot . These televisions are based on a new backlighting technology that uses microcrystals for a more “precise” color rendering. The microcrystals are illuminated with a beam of blue light and in this way they are able to reproduce a wider range of colors on the screen than that of classic LED TVs. It must be said that at the moment this is a technology reserved for a few top of the range, but things could change in the future.

Curved TVs

Some companies are focusing heavily on televisions with curved displays . But are they really necessary? What advantages do they have compared to classic flat displays?

Best TV

Well, in general, curved TVs offer a more enveloping experience for the viewer than flat displays, they make the screen seem larger… but they also have several contraindications. First of all, to fully enjoy this format you need to stand in front of the screen, by moving to the side the vision is much more limited than that of traditional displays.

Best TV: technical characteristics

When choosing a television it is essential to know the definitions of the technical characteristics to understand which model is better than another without necessarily having to try it. Below I offer you some fundamental information to guide you in your purchase.


Most TVs on the market have three types of resolution : HD Ready equal to 1280×720 pixels or 1366×768 pixels, Full HD which is equivalent to 1920×1080 pixels and Ultra HD (also called 4K ) which is equivalent to 3840×2160 pixels. Televisions with 8K resolution ( 7680×4320 pixels) have also recently arrived on the market, which use complex artificial intelligence algorithms to convert signals produced in Full HD or 4K into 8K. Due to the scarcity of native 8K content, however, at the moment I can’t recommend this type of TV unless you want the best of the best around today (and are willing to spend a fortune!).

Best TV

The most banal observation that can be made regarding resolution is related to the fact that the wider the resolution, the better the image quality. This is undeniable, but we must also consider the fact that the most advanced televisions, those with 4K resolution, are a little more expensive than Full HD. Is it worth buying one? In fact, in recent years there is a lot of content that allows you to fully enjoy this format, especially on online streaming services or “premium” paid television services. In summary we can say that purchasing a 4K Ultra HD TV is advisable if combined with a premium subscription, but be careful: if you use an online service make sure you have sufficient download bandwidth to be able to manage 4K (around 30 Mbps constant) . I advise you to choose a 4K Ultra HD TV even if you have a latest generation console (like the PS4 Pro) or want to buy one in the future, since the latest titles on the market can also be run at the typical 3840×2160 pixel resolution of 4K. I do not recommend HD Ready TVs, they are now outdated and are not much cheaper than Full HD ones.


Some top-of-the-range televisions support HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology , which allows us to have on the screen all those shades of shadows, lights and colors that televisions are normally unable to show us.

Best TV

For some it is one of the greatest innovations since the introduction of high definition, but for the moment they are paying dearly. At present, in fact, only some medium-high or high-end TV models support HDR.

3D support

3D support allows you to improve the depth of the images reproduced on the screen by exploiting various technologies, with active and passive glasses that differ in the methods used. You can find all the differences between the two technologies explained in detail in my post on 3D TVs . This is a standard that has now been almost completely forgotten by the industry, so I advise you to rely on other characteristics when choosing your new television.

Number of entries

With the proliferation of multimedia decoders, media centers, HDMI dongles (e.g. Chromecast) and game consoles, it is important to purchase a television that has a good number of HDMI inputs . It is also worth underlining that some devices, such as 4K Blu-Ray players, need HDMI 2.0 ports (as well as an UltraHD television) to fully do their job.

Best TV

Equally important is the number of USB ports available on the TV, which are used to connect hard drives, USB sticks and power devices such as HDMI dongles. If you intend to connect a receiver or an external audio system to the TV, the presence of an optical audio output could also be useful to you (in addition to the usual headphone jack, now present on all TVs, and the HDMI inputs).

Supported standards

In the technical data sheet of a television there are also acronyms that indicate the transmission standards supported by the device: DVB-T indicates support for digital terrestrial standards; DVB-T2 support for new generation digital terrestrial (which is slowly replacing DVB-T); DVB-S and DVB-S2 indicate televisions equipped with a satellite tuner. But be careful: full support for new generation digital terrestrial is only guaranteed by televisions which, in addition to being compatible with DVB-T2 technology, support the H.265/HEVC code. Before choosing your next television, also take this parameter into consideration.

Common Interface Plus (CI+) slot

The Common interface Plus (CI+) Slot is the slot in which the CAM is installed for reading smart cards (therefore for access to digital terrestrial pay TV services). It is present in most televisions currently on the market, but may be missing on some cheaper models. Eye!

Other characteristics

Other features that I recommend you take into consideration before buying a television are the following.

  • Refresh rate – is a value that indicates the refresh rate of the images on the screen. It can be 50Hz, 100Hz or 200Hz, but some manufacturers use higher figures (e.g. 400Hz, 800Hz or 1000Hz) to indicate the adoption of technologies that process the image to make it smoother. For the US market the standards adopted are 60Hz, 120Hz and 240Hz, so in the technical data sheets of some TVs you may encounter these values ​​instead of “our” 50Hz, 100Hz and 200Hz. It should also be noted that some manufacturers evaluate their motion processing technologies with values ​​other than Hz. For example, LG uses PMI and Samsung uses PQI, so it is not always possible to directly compare the values ​​of TVs from two different manufacturers.
  • Energy consumption – TVs are left on for several hours a day. Buy one with a high energy class if you don’t want to pay high bills. The energy classes range from class D (worst) to class A+++ (best).
  • Warranty – some televisions, if imported, may not have the standard European warranty we are used to. Check carefully before completing your purchase.
  • Miracast, Google Cast, AirPlay 2 and DLNA support – as I explained to you in my tutorial on how to connect your mobile phone to the TV , some Smart TVs are equipped with support for various technologies that allow you to transmit audio/video content to the TV wirelessly. Among these technologies, I would like to point out Miracast, integrated into many Windows PCs and Android devices; Google Cast, which allows you to take advantage of Chromecast technology without using the Google stick; Apple’s AirPlay 2 integrated into all the “bitten apple” devices, and DLNA, compatible with all devices but more limited than the others, as it does not allow direct transmission of the screen, but only that of individual contents.
  • Brightness – the maximum brightness level of a television is indicated in Nit (cd/m 2 ). For further information on the topic, consult this Wikipedia page .
  • Contrast – the contrast ratio of a television indicates the ratio of brightness of a white image to a black image. It is expressed using the formula “x:1”, where the “x” represents the degree of brightness of white compared to black.
  • Viewing angle – this is the maximum angle from which it is possible to view the image on the screen without distortion (therefore with optimal colors and brightness). It is expressed using the formula “x:x”, where in place of the “x” there is the maximum viewing angle.

Best TV: which one to choose

At this point you should be able to identify the best TV for your needs. Take a look at all the models listed below and choose the one you like best.

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