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How to gain weight fast

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Are you too skinny? Or maybe you want to get mass for those gym session? You are in the right place! Let me tell you how to gain weight fast.

Let’s start by avoiding high calories food that are high in bad saturated fats and sugars like: chocolate, sugary cakes, biscuits. These foods will increase your fat instead of increasing lean body mass, which is what we are trying to achieve here. In addition to that it will increase cholesterol giving you higher risk of heart attacks and strokes.


It’s a good idea to have some porridge with some full fat milk and maybe a bit of fruit or some raisins. If you don’t like porridge for example you can get eggs with wholemeal bread.

Snack after breakfast

Get a milkshake or some milk powder.


As the biggest meal of the day I recommend a nice carb source and nice protein source as for potato, beans, tuna, salad, lasagna.

Snack after Lunch

Toast with avocado or peanut butter or honey for some additional energy.


Pasta, rice, sandwich and for dessert rice pudding.

Don’t ignore hunger

Your body creates a chemical called Ghrelin which makes you feel hungry. The problem is the effects of Ghrelin are short lived so you need to make sure you don’t ignore hunger strikes especially if you have a small appetite.

Get 8 hours of sleep per night

Because your body needs time to process those calories.

Don’t overdo fibre

Fibre holds water and too much of it is going to make you feel bloated and full for longer.

Want to check your BMI? use this calculator

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