Airsoft: fanatics or athletes?

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Born in Japan at the turn of the 80s, Airsoft is in all respects a recreational activity, thanks to which real simulations of firefights that happened or are the result of the players’ imagination are put in place. The use of gas or spring-powered toy weapons characterizes the origins of this discipline. Still, over time and with the fame acquired, many companies have invested in improving the equipment dedicated to softgunners by offering realistic reproductions of Softair weapons used by the main military units in history.

Today, it is possible to choose any weapon based on your playing skills and the role you play within your team; in fact, Softair is characterized by a strong discipline and a great team spirit that leads to the creation of a team of softgunners in which everyone has their task and objective during the games based on the game mode that you will find yourself in. face.

Softair is not to be considered a discipline exclusively dedicated to those who love the world of war simulations and weapons because, in reality, many different aspects characterize this hobby, from the discovery of nature to the already anticipated need for discipline and the strong team spirit required, Softair will allow you to test yourself and learn many new things about yourself and the world around you.

In Italy, Softair is also called ‘Tiro Tattico’

Despite its oriental origins, Softair has taken very few years also to fascinate the European world and, in particular, Italy; in fact, already in the 90s, this discipline began to make itself known, and in a short time, it became a real must for all lovers of war simulations, Softair weapons and activities practised in nature. In our country, Softair is also called Tactical Shooting since faithful replicas of weapons used by the military of different nations are used to practice it. Furthermore, this name derives from the great tactics and strategies implemented to achieve victory during the games, thanks to an in-depth study of realistic military tactics also used by special forces.

One of the most interesting aspects of Airsoft or Tactical Shooting is represented by the variety of game modes that make all games unique and always interesting. Based on how to eliminate opponents or objectives set in each challenge between softgunners, this discipline will always prove to be exciting and unpredictable. Just to meet every need in the field, our Online Shop offers one of the widest ranges of Softair weapons , including Softair riflesSoftair pistols and Softair equipment , capable of responding to every game mode, situation and need for action to allow you to achieve victory over the opposing team.

Airsoft weapons: how did they evolve?

From the first Softair weapons born in Japan, which were considered as toys, to date, the equipment for this discipline has evolved considerably to meet every need of softgunners and in order to make the gaming experience more and more realistic and exciting of the discipline of Tactical Shooting. The ASG (Air Soft Gun), as Softair weapons are defined in technical jargon, comes in the most diverse forms both in terms of aesthetics and fire capacity. When it comes to the evolution of Airsoft weapons , as anticipated, two equally important aspects can be taken into consideration:

The aesthetics: the ASGs, today, are real meticulous replicas that give life to Airsoft rifles and Airsoft pistols incredibly similar in every detail to those actually used by military, special forces and civilians. Softair gun manufacturers have been able to reproduce all the most famous weapons to make the widest possible choice of Softair equipment available to softgunnersThe Softair Rastelli Online Shop provides you with a complete range of weapon replicas among which you can choose yours and those of your team with the aim of satisfying your tastes and your desire to relive the war experiences that inspire you together with your company.

The fire mechanics: from the dawn of Softair to today, the fire capacity of Softair weapons has undergone a substantial revolution as the currently available replicas are able to respond to any game mode thanks to the use of the most avant-garde mechanics installed on the Air Soft Guns. From hybrid ones to spring or gas weapons up to electric ones, you will be able to choose the perfect weapon for your games and for your pleasure as a softgunner being able to count on Airsoft weapons capable of firing single shots or bursts, with automatic or blowback reloading; you will also be able to customize your game mode in all respects thanks to the technologies made available by Softair Rastelli with its Softair pistols and its Softair rifles .

The history of Softair will be the starting point for your future as a softgunner

Anyone who loves the discipline of Tactical Shooting is most likely also a history buff, as well as weapons and nature; for this reason, the knowledge of the origins of Airsoft is essential for any softgunner who wishes to achieve the highest goals in this discipline.

If you’ve noticed, when we talk about Softair rifles and Airsoft pistols we never forget to also mention the equipment, this is because a true softgunner cannot ignore the choice of what will be all the details that will make up his gaming experience given that each single piece of equipment will prove to be as important as a perfect Airsoft weapon.

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